We at Purell assist our clients in formulating ICT strategy ultimately to deliver a pragmatic roadmap to achieving their business objective. We use Information Technology as a vehicle to facilitate growth and outreach to the larger society by utilizing the linkage between business opportunities and technology.
Everyone needs protection and security on property and life but is usually faced with the problem of who to entrust for safety. We handle security matter with related concepts of safety, prevention, proactivity and reliability with the aid of various apparatus such as biometric Tripod turnstiles, boom barrier, detectors for human and luggage, biometric access control system, surveillance system with the aid of CCTV and IP cameras.
Purell Group is poised to be a leader in Biometrics/Security by implementing a nationwide fingerprint based Criminal Registry. The Criminal Registry will be similar to the AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Information System) currently used by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) in the United States and other countries.

1. The system will contain fingerprint based data for known and suspected criminals and terrorist in Nigeria and across the world.
2. Not only fingerprints, but corresponding criminal histories; mug shots; scars and tattoo photos; physical characteristics, i.e., height, weight, and hair and eye color; and aliases, can be included.
3. The system can also includes civilian fingerprints, mostly of individuals who have served or are serving in the Nigerian military or have been or are employed by the Nigerian local and state government.
4. Fingerprint information obtained from SIM Card registration and voter registration can be included.
5. The fingerprints and criminal history information are submitted voluntarily by local and state agencies, and federal and state law enforcement agencies