• Procurement

Our Procurement Solutions is a 'service broker' that is in the unique position to negotiate, procure and supply the products, services at the prices according our clients exact requirements, when and where they want it.
We support our clients to meet their procurement needs at all times. Count on us in getting best product through our vendor support service at a cost effective price.

  • Logistics

Our company focuses on optimal utilization of Nigeria’s stretch of coastline for the water haulage of goods and services within its territorial border
We understand the need for communication and commerce particularly by inhabitants of Nigeria’s coastal and riverine regions, amidst inadequate infrastructure of good motorable roads and bridges.
Thus, we provide ferry services for both passenger and goods/equipment with various sizes of Boat Ferries and Pontoon Boats. We also have plans to introduce Hovercrafts in the near future to complement our ferry services.
Our present focus is to provide seamless ferry services in some state in the south western State of Nigeria to aid in meeting the transportation needs of the country.

Being an international export company, we have the expertise and experience to transport agricultural produces by rail from the hinterlands of Nigeria to the various Nigerian ports for export or trade to other countries where agricultural produce is required.

We also offer freight cargo service among others within Nigeria and West Africa, in particular, as well as to any other parts of the world.