• Purell Building and Flooring Limited

We lay Tiles, carpet to suit customer needs, our service and sales team is comprised of a powerful team of trained tiles and ceramic specialists with years of experience who understand the products we sell. They also know what it takes to exceed our customer's expectations and they do it every day. Because we are experts who have worked in the flooring industry for years, we are the trusted source for thousands of carpet, hardwood and all flooring products. This is also how were are able to maintain 99% + customer satisfaction and that we are so proud of as well as our tremendous reputation that we have established and continue to earn every day.

  • KAGL Apex Services Limited

We are subsidiary of Purell Group of companies, our main objectives is to execute business as an investment company and to make lawful investments of any description and to provide investment services for individual, corporate and government institutions.
  • ADRAM Apex Business Services Limited

Our company focuses on optimal utilization of coastline for the water haulage of goods and services within its territorial border we understand the need for communication and commerce particularly by inhabitants of coastal and riverine regions, amidst inadequate infrastructure of good motorable roads and bridges. Our present focus is to provide seamless service delivery.
  • BISRAM Global Limited
BISRAM Global Limited offer the following core services;
We consult for our clients in taking decision and make recommendations where necessary about new technology innovation and solutions to help them improve their productivity and revenue generation.
We also support foreign investor and Nigerians who wish in investing in Nigeria.