Clean energy is the growth sector of the 21st Century. The emerging clean-energy economy is a real opportunity for affordable energy free of pollution and inconsistency. We are poised for massive growth and provision of Wind, solar, biofuels, “smart grids,” and hydro energy. Clean and renewable energy are present nearly everywhere and available without long transport.

We consider that if an African government plans to offer Solar Panel Light system to some off-grid rural villages, it will reach with sustainable objectives and will have a positive political impact too:
1. Give light to rural people just to let them know that the government do not forget them.
2. Give renewable energy (solar) to these people to let understand that they benefit an up to date technology
3. Rebuilt the relationship with some population
4. It gives free light and replace the kerosene classical products (no more smoke, no more monthly costs)
5. Children can make their homework when the sun sets
6. Unlimited solar energy
7. Eco-friendly & sustainable
8. Replaces toxic kerosene in oil lamps
9. Stops repeated kerosene expenditure
10. Suitable for charging mobile phones