We believe that this effort will be guided by a primary objective to position Nigeria to serve as the regional leader among African Nations in providing critical training and resources (across several service areas) to its neighbors who face similar hazards and disaster events, but have grown to basically rely on assistance from nations outside of Africa.
We further believe that Nigeria is well positioned to develop a college/university system that can provide research and training to its neighbors, that specifically speak to addressing the issues (e.g. health, agricultural, engineering, emergency management, etc.) that have plagued Africa for years, as well as, develop its internal processes and infrastructure to develop and launch one of the largest and most effective disaster response and preparedness organizations in the world; covering and addressing the preparedness, response, and recovery needs of itself and its neighbouring countries.

The Project seeks to build the economic and emergency preparedness capacity of citizens and organizations by:

  • Utilizing local associations and citizen groups to provide “train the trainer” seminars and special events
  • Developing where possible, Citizen Emergency Response Teams (CERT) (both adult and “Teen CERT”) that can serve to augment the limited resources that are currently available
  • Creating local “culture of community preparedness” outreach activities designed to engage the citizens in ways that speak to their values and cultural understanding
  • Aligning community activities with national emergency preparedness goals and objectives
  • Creation and Supplier of EEPP Survival Kit which includes Basic, family, and Community Emergency kits for unforeseen emergencies.